Annandale Village is an award-winning nonprofit organization dedicated solely to providing progressive life assistance to adults with intellectual disabilities and traumatic brain injuries so that they can maximize their abilities and maintain their independence in the least restrictive environment.

Our History

The Berry FamilyIn 1969, Annandale Village was just a dream that became a reality for Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell Berry, a dedicated father and mother, who wanted their daughter, Libba, to have an opportunity to lead a life that reflected quality, value, self-worth, independence, and achievement. The Berrys had traveled the world in search of options that were not readily available, or even considered realistic for people with developmental disabilities.  In their travels, they discovered that the program design of the Canfield Villages in Europe was closest to their ideal vision. By building on the village concept and adding their personal criteria, Annandale Village was born.  The Berrys purchased 100 acres of land in what was then rural Gwinnett County, approximately 30 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia.  Soon thereafter, Libba and other adults with developmental disabilities came to call Annandale Village home.

Thanks to continuous growth in each of Annandale’s first four decades, many significant milestones have been achieved in serving individuals with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.   Through the generous support of individuals, foundations and corporate contributors, our services have grown exponentially, allowing us to provide a comprehensive range of programs designed to improve the quality of life of each individual served, according to his or her own unique needs and abilities.

Today, Annandale Village is an award-winning, nationally recognized leader among nonprofit organizations, and is the only nonprofit in the state of Georgia to offer men and women with developmental disabilities a continuum of service and care.  Annandale is proud of how far we have come.  Yet, the courage to dream big and the need to do more for those we currently serve and for those who will soon seek our assistance has made this an exciting time in the life of our organization.


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