Annandale Village is an award-winning nonprofit organization dedicated solely to providing progressive life assistance to adults with intellectual disabilities and traumatic brain injuries so that they can maximize their abilities and maintain their independence in the least restrictive environment.

Charitable Lead Trusts

Did you know there is a way to make a charitable gift using funds that will eventually be returned to you or your loved ones? Remarkably, such a plan exists. A charitable lead trust can be used to achieve what might at first seem to be conflicting goals. Consider the benefits of a Charitable Lead Trust:

  • You can make a significant gift of income to help Annandale Village that will begin immediately and continue for as long as you wish.
  • Such a gift can serve to reduce or eliminate income, estate, and gift taxes now and in future years as well.
  • A charitable lead trust can be a great way to fulfill a multi-year pledge.
  • Your gift can be part of a plan that helps assure future economic security for you and your loved ones.
  • You may be able to provide your heirs with a larger inheritance than would otherwise be possible.

There are other gift plans that feature annual income for you or others you choose. Under such plans, when income ceases, any remaining funds are transferred to Annandale Village. Under the terms of a charitable lead trust, however, Annandale Village receives a gift in the form of payments from the trust that begin immediately and last for a period of time you determine. At the end of that time period, assets remaining in the trust are returned to you or others you designate. One result can be to provide an inheritance for loved ones at little or no after-tax cost.

As you can see, the charitable lead trust can be an especially attractive way to meet multiple personal and charitable planning goals.

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